Commission Information

Hello all! It dawned on me that I should have an official page on my site available to view commission options so below is all the information needed:
I will have 10 slots open at a time, but if you don’t make any of them, I’ll make sure that you are the first to be chosen in the next batch. (Commissions will be closed until I finish all 10.)
If you’re interested, feel free to send me to send me a message or e-mail me at and we’ll get started!

Detailed information on prices and where to send are below:

Black and White – $10-$15 (This depends on what format of black and white you would like it in. With Photoshop, I can do straight black and white or monochrome while with Manga Studio Debut there’s a lot more details that are included such as screen tones and other effects.)
Flat Colors – $15-20
Full Color – $25-30

Other details:

  • One commission per person please, if you would like me to do other ones for you I’ll accept it in the next batch.
  • For all categories the price may change slightly depending on how much detail/more elements you want in your commission.
  • Especially for larger projects, I will make sure to keep you up to date with the progress by sending you thumbnails, sketches and what not as it goes along. For this, I would ask that you send me your e-mail or another way to contact you to show you the progress of your piece.
  • I am now open for NSFW commissions! This doesn’t mean I’ll draw everything that would fit this category, therefore make sure to give me the details and I’ll tell you whether I’m alright doing it or not. Also, be sure you’re 18 or older for this!

All finished commissions will potentially be posted on my blog/website (under the Commission Work page) and sent directly to you through e-mail. If you prefer to have it posted on your own blog or other site then please explain where it’ll be used or presented and make sure to credit me with a link to my site or what not. If you do so without my permission I will ask for you to take it down from your blog or other site.

Make sure to be specific with what you want and how you want all the details to work. I understand that what you would like may not exactly fit all the details noted, so I’m absolutely willing to make adjustments when needed.

Please don’t use or change the commissions you requested after I have completed them. It may be your commission, but it’s still my art.

If, for any reason, I cannot do your commission after you have payed me, I will inform you and return your money back.

My paypal is

If you have trouble with paypal feel free to let me know and I can help!

Thank you!

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